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While most people opt for a leg of lamb or some other choice cut, it’s worth remembering that lamb offal can provide a very tasty meal and is a good source of nutrition. At Abbijoe Ltd, we can provide you with top quality offal from British lambs.

As well as offering offal in our market unit, we also supply offal to commercial customers, including restaurants, hotels and other wholesalers.

Commercial clients looking to find a regular wholesaler to work with are always welcome at Abbijoe Ltd.

Enjoy high quality offal sourced from British-bred lambs

 •  Liver

 •  Heart

 •  Kidneys


Lamb, halal lamb and offal are all available from our unit in London Central Markets (Smithfield Market). We’re also able to offer delivery for large orders.

Find out more about what we offer:

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Exceptional quality lamb’s offal available

Commercial custom welcomed

Our lamb offal includes:

Telephone orders welcomed, delivery available